"Arrival" and the Departure of Design

A review of the recent  production “Arrival” from director Denis Villenueve, in cinema November 2016.

Firstly, Arrival has to be one of the best movies to have come out in 2016 so far, a complete masterpiece, where all arts are in sync – the music, the picture, the story up to the smallest detail, the characters, the structure of the entire story. However, it is impossible not to notice the subtlety of the design proposal. 

The plot tells us about these aliens, who prevail upon higher intellectual development then ours, in the movie mostly displayed by their sustainable presence (there is no detection of intake or outtake on any resource such as oxygen, water or whatsoever – all to the wonder of the poor earthlings). It is but also something else that distinguishes them from our race: the complete lack of decoration or informational detailing, and yet no relation to our well known modernism (a beautiful modernist example we find in the house of the main character Louise Banks, played masterfully by Amy Adams). This is a new generation of Mies-lovers : LESS IS MORE, but now we see shapes with intriguing curvature, reminding of natural shapes and natural material, seemingly with memory within their texture. Every detail very subtle – as if the overload of information in our environment leaves us earning for calm and unpretentious architecture/surrounding. 
If that was the choice of creatures of higher intelligence, why isn’t it ours?


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