Drawing thoughts

“Drawing architecture is schizoid act: it involves reducing the world to a piece of paper” – Eduardo Souto de Moura

Any mention of the importance of drawings as a mean of communication with others for designers would be an understatement. For architects an idea is often born in a drawing since it is on the paper that the intuition and the reality meet.

The following is a list of paintings/drawings/artists that express deep architectural wisdom and inspire for more now and here :

  • Umberto Boccioni – The series States of Mind remind of the subjective nature of spatial experience. The train station is rendered by those who stay and those who go fundamentally differently, with even the structural lines changing direction.
    The Ones who Stay
    The Ones who Go


  • Pablo Picasso – The Single Line Drawings are the ultimate argument for simplicity and clarity of concept. An idea is only as powerful as its expression.
    picasso bull
    The Bull
    Camel Pablo Picasso


  • Etienne-Jules Marey – Bodies against Time are a rare delight from the early days of technology. Poetic title to even more poetic images.
    Studies of Air Movement



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