Of Architecture and Birds

From what I see birds have to be the world’s best architects – they get all the best views, are the only ones who are actually able to perceive a building as an architect really intended it (let’s be real) and its contextual features. They usually occupy all the spots with the best view and get to feel with their tiny feet the sculptural aspects of every building.
As a result of all this knowledge however, they decide to, quite literally and not, shit on architecture. Not only that they show systematic disregard towards architecture, but when it comes to their own homes, they would rather create a temporary structure (out of their own fecal and dirt) rather than an architectural piece.
Maybe that’s what we have to learn from them – the architectural wisdom of birds. They have seen it all and know it all – and yet they decide it’s not worth it. They would rather build a house of crap and rebuild it each season than do what these mindless humans are doing.


Overview Barcelona 2016 ©Reh