DAE Graduation Show at Dutch Design Week 2016 : what we learned we shall not forget

My review on the Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show 2016 as part of Dutch Design Week 22-30 Oct 2016.

Ironically the title of the show leads to the heart of the problem consciously so or not. “In need of … “. For it has everything but content.

The everlasting spirit of modernism hasn’t left the building, the teachers nor the students and their work. Recycled ideas of recycling and design denial. The exhibition predicts a dutch design in ashes.
Nevertheless, however the poorness of quality projects or lack of innovative and fresh ideas, the show is considered a success by its own standards.
Dutch design keeps sustaining itself on the shoulders of its predecessors and their rich benefactors. Still the future actors of dutch design seem to have learned only one thing – namely how to sell. You will probably never encounter an art / design educational institution exhibition with so much commercialism and ego. Each project is for sale, before even being developed.
A necessary skill no doubt, but so is good design concepts and they seem to be on extinction in DAE.

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